AVOID Avast free edition av

Not cuss its not doing its job,
theres no issues there, no the issue is
that theyre FOOLING us, the users who installs it
onto their rigs, NOWHERE does it state
its a limited trial, but actually, it is just that,
despite them claiming “free to personal use!”,
the other day my Avast free edition started to
tell me “you must renewal or uninstall!”
so i went to their site, and heres what it says
about renewal –
Important note: the renewal option is available only to users who have previously purchased the program and their subscription
The renewal option is NOT available to users with DEMO/TRIAL licenses.
These users are kindly asked to purchase the full version.”
Do note the word “purchased”, and the word combo
of “demo/trial”, in that sentence did the words of “demo”
and/or “trial” surface for the first time, , so in fact what
Avast claims to be a FREE version is nothing more than
horseshit when it comes down to it,
as stated the ONLY way i can continue using
their socalled “FREE” AV is to PURCHASE it…
In my book thats not something id define as being
free, instead thats what id call misleading information
and false promises, especially since they do not,
repeat NOT state that fact anywhere until AFTER
ive installed it.
Can you spell LAME?


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