Zeb Macahan, Klas dad and cheating orientals

Yup thats what im watching atm,
Zeb, Luke, Molly, Satangkai,
Punk Anderson and the rest in
“The Macahans” also known as
“How the west was won”,
and it brings back the conspiracy theory
i had about he who played Josh macahan,
im totally convinced hes the son of James Dean,
EVERYTHING fits to the letter ffs! HMMMM
and i noticed that General Sheridan looks exactly like
Klas dad 😉 Kinda funny ^^
Speaking of Luke Macahan or Bruce Boxleitner
as his real name is, he had a better eye for chicks
in that series than in Babylon 5 where he plays
John Sheridan, i mean duh that Erika chick (the mormon
who bites a riflebullit early on) and not to mention
Lloyd Bridges daughter Hillary, quite the
hotties, theyre 100 times sexier than
Delenn from Babylon 5 hmmmmmm
And i also noticed that Punk Anderson
in one episode with the mormons uses a
Winchester rifle and he shoots 15 rounds
without reloading, not that im an expert in
Winchester rifles from around 1860s
but im fairly sure that none of them could
carry 15 rounds hmmmmmmmm

Well the Olympics is over and the
chinese dictatorship took over 30 (or was it 40)
gold medals, geez no wonder, theyre ALL
using “enhancement drugs” (none of them will
ever get close of being 45 years old) just like ALL
oldtime CCCP dictatorship countries also did,
lamers and kandyasses


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