google-youtube cant handle criticism

haha they closed my youtube account cuss i
had “Boycott LisaNova, Lagtubes own official
SPAM-affiliate” on my channel :p
Google are LAMERS, they are a multibillion industry
but they cant handle the slightest criticism?
Yes that IS total LAMEDOM


reCAPTCHA THIS you dumb fuckers

why is there always something that
ruins the netsurfing??
Lately all webowners have been using
THE most worthless and crappy
validation tool there is, obviously im talking
about the reCAPTCHA .net site and their
tool, but since that tool was programmed by
either people suffering from Downs syndrome
or ex micro$oft employees, it NEVER ever
works, regardless of what i do i cannot
register for anything…..
“Swell” as Harry Callahan said.


its Paralympics now, and for some uberbizarre
reason we hardly get to see ANYTHING
from it, the regular Olympics was virtually
broadcasted 24-effin-7 so WHY dont we
get to see the Paralympics as equally much????
Its at least as interesting if not MORE to see
the Paralympics, I didnt even get to see my
favourite Elvira Kivi in her judomatches!
She only happens to be reigning effin WORLD CHAMPION
in her sports, Swedish telly is run by retards

drawback is of course that…

my romperaddy will be gone too,
but its not like there is a shortage of
mailhosts haha :p AND they dont cost money
unlike telia =)

my sites gone

in a day or two, my site that i had
since like forever, is gone,
one reason is that i cant connect to
the host (Telia), dunno what the hell those
overpaid n00bs are doing over there
but it sure isnt their JOB,
another reason is that i never update it anyhow,
it just cost money, so im gonna stick with blog

lotsa sports day this day is muhaha

well, its hockey Sweden Finland
(our archenemy), then its Nordic Trophy
finals between MY team Frölunda Indians
vs Linköping (its kinda pre-season
mini cup) and then its Sweden Albania
in footie qualifiers hehehe, wonder how much
were gonna win with :p

Hehe found some episodes of an old fav
series, well fav and fav, but very good,
american maffia in 80s aka WISEGUY with the
underrated Ken Wahl (wonder what hes doing today,
dont think ive seen him in anything since well,
since this series hmmmm)

How come the Pirate Bay trackersystem sucks
so bad?? One finds nada in there,
their internal search system is evidentl scripted
by micro$oft employees, utterly useless and never
gives anything close to what one searches for,
as far as im concerned Henrik “1inch” Ponten
kan close it down whenever he feels like
cuss Piratebay is crap