lotsa sports day this day is muhaha

well, its hockey Sweden Finland
(our archenemy), then its Nordic Trophy
finals between MY team Frölunda Indians
vs Linköping (its kinda pre-season
mini cup) and then its Sweden Albania
in footie qualifiers hehehe, wonder how much
were gonna win with :p

Hehe found some episodes of an old fav
series, well fav and fav, but very good,
american maffia in 80s aka WISEGUY with the
underrated Ken Wahl (wonder what hes doing today,
dont think ive seen him in anything since well,
since this series hmmmm)

How come the Pirate Bay trackersystem sucks
so bad?? One finds nada in there,
their internal search system is evidentl scripted
by micro$oft employees, utterly useless and never
gives anything close to what one searches for,
as far as im concerned Henrik “1inch” Ponten
kan close it down whenever he feels like
cuss Piratebay is crap


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