Band of Brothers

im rewatching that fairly good
Band of Brothers series,
its a bit overrated and hyped imo
but despite that its still a great
realistic show, most deff!!  =)
I just have some issues with
the fact that American soldiers app salute
indoors , ie with NO cap on,
WHAT army in the world does that???
In every army i know of NO soldier
does the salute when the cap is OFF,
instead they go up in
attention when adressing or being
adressed by a ranking officer.


the reason i wont be using googles chrome vrowser

Despite the fact that googles chrome
browser has some interesting features,
one being the Incognito mode, where
nothing gets saved on your computer
(in Firefox you just use the plugin called
Stealther to achieve same effect)
im not gonna use it.
From PCWorld review  –
You’re giving advertisers extra ammo.

Have you seen all the hype aboutGoogle’s privacy practices
and how much of your data it shares with advertisers? Imagine the
potential ammo you’re giving it by using this browser. Google will now
have total control over your experience from the time you open Chrome
to the time you shut down. In some sense, you might just as well invite
DoubleClick to watch over your shoulder while you surf.

im so dead tired of yahoo

their site has truly gone DOWNHILL,
buggy, laaaaaggy, saggy, sloooow,
if one checks the “background noise”
theres so much unneeded junk scripts
that fills zero function, doesnt matter
if i block them, the site is slower than
my old 56 modem and a gif-ridden site,
and i dont know how many times when i try to
send a mail for example i get these “were sorry
looks like the service is unavailable”,
what the hell happened with yahoo???
A micro$oft employee is chief webmaster
or something?? Totally suxx

yahoo suxx

app Yahoo (retarded stupid name)
is also progged by chipmunks,
 i mean TRY to sendout a mail
alongside a PIC and you know WHY
geeez is there ANYONE out there who
actually CAN PROGRAM thats currently
employeed??? I guess not

reCAOTCHA and yahoo verification tools SUXX

cuss theyre both progged by chipmunks

AVOID the new Indy Jones film

Avoid it IF youre a fan of the
first Indiana Jones films, in particular
the very FIRST installment aka “Raiders of
The Lost Ark”, this new film has absolutely
NOTHING of what made the first film
a classic, it has no plot, no intrigue, no charisma,
no charm, in much it has zero of everything ie
NOTHING, not even the great John Hurt or the
underrated Jim Broadbent can salvage this
film. Avoid.