n00bt00b = severly illscripted site

im so tired of youtube-lagtube-noobtoob,
esp that retarded verification box that crops up
after 2-3 comments made, i can clearly SEE
that those gargled letters say like “hirrisi”
so i type “hirrisi” and then, NOPE, yet again i have
to do it, this time it says like “imafucktardddd” so itype
“imafucktardddd” and NOPE, noobtoobs own verification
tool aint workin, so i try yet AGAIN, this time it says like
“thissiteisdonebyretards” so i type “thissiteisdonebyretards”
and NOPE, still wont work properly, and by then im giving
my monitor the bird at same time im considering
HAXXING n00btoob, fuckin g0ogle, since they bought it
it truly went downhill, the first thing they did was
to lay out all their vids onto some truly dumbassed server
located godknowswhere cuss as they say, “now it works
much better”, newsflash you morons, it does NOT,
instead the lag and pauses has multiplied with a factor
of 3000, a clip thats exactly 60 seconds takes somewhere
inbetween 120 to 180 seconds to watch, with all those
pauses n hickups, and when i heard that boobtoob
is gonna launch fullfeature films in there i litery went
ROFL, WHOS gonna sit around and watch a film in there???
It will be somehting like “ok, i have about … 6-7 hours
of free time, i know, why dont i watch some film in
boobietoobie, if theres a film of about 90 minutes
its done in about 6 hours” …..


but as soon as i rem what it was..

ill post it of course, thats the beauty of
using Firefox, ie the PLUGINS available,
im using Scribefire to write posts here
ie i dont have to manually go to wordpress
and log in, i just press a button in my browserwindow 🙂
so nice NOT having to go to wordpress homesite,
its so full of scripts and .xss going here n there,
its even slower than the laggiest site there is
ie aftonhorans site  ;o


well i was gonna write something special
but now i kinda forgot what it was hmmm

god im sooo tired of crappy yahoo

who the hell progged their lame stupid shit????
try using the yahoomailinbox,
so badly progged, i tried sending out a mail today
with a pic, yeah well first it took 5 mins (!!) while i sat
around and waited for the server (prob located in australia
on some 14.4 modem app) to upload it, then it stated
“oops were fucktards and we really have zero clue to what
were doing, please try again” (thats deff what it SHOULD
have said anyhow) so i retried, and after over 7 (!) mins
(i timed it) it was finally effin done, and then oooops
where did my already inserted addy go then huhhh??
And this addy i didnt know in my head,ie i had to
go back to addybook with the result that my
uploaded pic was gone ….
Nice going yahoo admins, are you chipmunks by any chance??
And WHY do you, just like micro$oft, see the need to
force  several TRACKING COOKIES on your users??
Your time is soon up, people are getting more and more
aware of this bullshit youre forcing on us, besides
some of us knows how to BLOCK your spying bs,
sure there will always be IE nubsters you can force to
whatever you want them to, but the number of people
getting fed up with yahoo and micro$oft (not to mention
google!) are growing every day

the doctors

i was layin about in my sofa as i always do in the morning when i wake up, and telly was on so i happened to notice something called “The doctors” (of course it was on our TV4, the most anal
of our channels i still can see, our tv4 is a channel without any form of charisma or own identity whatsoever),
and the first thing that astounded me was the fact that WHY
the heck do the main presenter (its four of them) sit
in his work clothes??? Hes an ER doctor, and i can fully see
why hed use that greenish op suit for his real job,
but ummmmm why sit on telly as a host in surgery clothes??
It just looks retarded and makes zero sense,
lets say they invite some astronaut to co-host the show,
should he then do that in full astronautic suit, with helmet
and all? Somehow i doubt he would do that,
and the “doctors” in that show (one is a plastic surgeon,
thats not a doctor) only talks about sensational topics,
ie STD-s and breast enlargements, this show has no purpose
to anyone interested in REAL medicin,
lets take todays show, the one i happened to watch
(and yes ive seen other episodes too),
it had some 21year old girl who wanted bigger boobs
cuss she said she couldnt get a date,
which totally surprised me cuss she was cute and sexy
as hell with a NORMAL boobsize for a girl thats not
chubby or heavy or what id like to call “Ricki Lake
afro american girl” ie black chick around 800 pounds
with 6 chins and lousy attitude, anyhow,
the socalled doctors told her that “what we recommend
is a boob job”, ummmm talk about adressing the symptoms
instead of the actual “disease”, its like “damn i have astma”
and then the doc says “ok lets cut off the neck, it should cure
the astma!”
Its a sick society were living in, i wonder what
future generations will call our times,
“medievil 2”? “post Bush times”?
This immense fixation with breasts is a sign
of something very rotten in our society,
sure i like cleavage as much as the next man
but it doesnt control my life nor does it make me
select a lifepartner, just cuss of its SIZE,
if one do then yes this IS medievil 2 times

love Scribefire + loathe msn.com

well, heres the main reason one should AVOID msn

JUST loggin in into the hotmail account gives one
16 (SIXTEEN!) cookies, when it really one craves
ONE, the rest of them are solely for TRACKING
YOU and montoring you, and if youre n00b enough
to be on the poor excuse for a browser ie IE
then youre obviously way more vulnerable,
anyhow AVOID msn and their hotmail crap,
i dont use anylonger and neither should you,
i get maybe 20 mails a month there, and its all
SPAM sent out from the socalled “Windoze Live Team”
with their BS about “now windows is soo much better
and yadayada!!”, newsflash micro$oft chipmunks
of proggers, that isnt NEWS, thats what everybody on
“teh internets” calls SPAM, totally unneeded and totally
unwanted and deff useless “info”,
and since one cant BLOCK those mails (well, one CAN
but it requires some haxxing but nm ^^)
SCREW micr0$oft and their uberlame cookieinvasion

latest bond

totally worthless, just like i imagined
it would be, daniel craig isnt bond
and thats half the problems wth
bond films since one pretty much knows
beforehand WHATS in them,
then a lot of the goodness of the bondfilms
are on the shoulders of whos playing him, and
daniel isnt even close to a believeable bond.
Hes not a good actor as such and he plays bond as a
second rate sean connery, no humour, no glimpse in the eye, no charisma, just a stoneface and a lot of
violence, i do love ultraviolence in films BUT it must have
something else than merely violence,
this bond film, just like the one before, has nothing good in them.
And the titletrack is godawfully LOUSY,
prob the worst ever.