and no, not the only Cranberries song
i like, im referring to some films
ive just beheld that had the word
zombie in it, the last one was called
The Zombie Diaries and man, did that one
suck majorly or what haha, geeeez
such crap, it was filmed exactly like
the worst film ever made ie
Blair witch project, shaky handcam etc,
totally confusing film with a totally
noncomprehensible story which made
zero sense, and it barely had any
zombies in it either. Avoid.

Also seen about 20-25 mins from the new
Bond film, daniel craig isnt and never
will be James Bond, its that simple,
and it had a totally laughable huge
atypical Bond thingie at very start,
daniel c is chased by some bad bois
in a carchase, they shoot at him feverishly,
prob around 5000 rounds or so (nope no
reloads as usual haha ;o) and craigs
car hardly takes any damage from those
rounds fired, then he sorta gets tired of it
so he fires a short burst (3-5 rounds)
and then WHAT happens huhhh??
Yup, the bad bois car explodes, spins in
air and then crashes off the road haha,
about as puny logic as it was to choose
daniel c for the role as Bond ^^


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