love Scribefire + loathe

well, heres the main reason one should AVOID msn

JUST loggin in into the hotmail account gives one
16 (SIXTEEN!) cookies, when it really one craves
ONE, the rest of them are solely for TRACKING
YOU and montoring you, and if youre n00b enough
to be on the poor excuse for a browser ie IE
then youre obviously way more vulnerable,
anyhow AVOID msn and their hotmail crap,
i dont use anylonger and neither should you,
i get maybe 20 mails a month there, and its all
SPAM sent out from the socalled “Windoze Live Team”
with their BS about “now windows is soo much better
and yadayada!!”, newsflash micro$oft chipmunks
of proggers, that isnt NEWS, thats what everybody on
“teh internets” calls SPAM, totally unneeded and totally
unwanted and deff useless “info”,
and since one cant BLOCK those mails (well, one CAN
but it requires some haxxing but nm ^^)
SCREW micr0$oft and their uberlame cookieinvasion


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