the doctors

i was layin about in my sofa as i always do in the morning when i wake up, and telly was on so i happened to notice something called “The doctors” (of course it was on our TV4, the most anal
of our channels i still can see, our tv4 is a channel without any form of charisma or own identity whatsoever),
and the first thing that astounded me was the fact that WHY
the heck do the main presenter (its four of them) sit
in his work clothes??? Hes an ER doctor, and i can fully see
why hed use that greenish op suit for his real job,
but ummmmm why sit on telly as a host in surgery clothes??
It just looks retarded and makes zero sense,
lets say they invite some astronaut to co-host the show,
should he then do that in full astronautic suit, with helmet
and all? Somehow i doubt he would do that,
and the “doctors” in that show (one is a plastic surgeon,
thats not a doctor) only talks about sensational topics,
ie STD-s and breast enlargements, this show has no purpose
to anyone interested in REAL medicin,
lets take todays show, the one i happened to watch
(and yes ive seen other episodes too),
it had some 21year old girl who wanted bigger boobs
cuss she said she couldnt get a date,
which totally surprised me cuss she was cute and sexy
as hell with a NORMAL boobsize for a girl thats not
chubby or heavy or what id like to call “Ricki Lake
afro american girl” ie black chick around 800 pounds
with 6 chins and lousy attitude, anyhow,
the socalled doctors told her that “what we recommend
is a boob job”, ummmm talk about adressing the symptoms
instead of the actual “disease”, its like “damn i have astma”
and then the doc says “ok lets cut off the neck, it should cure
the astma!”
Its a sick society were living in, i wonder what
future generations will call our times,
“medievil 2”? “post Bush times”?
This immense fixation with breasts is a sign
of something very rotten in our society,
sure i like cleavage as much as the next man
but it doesnt control my life nor does it make me
select a lifepartner, just cuss of its SIZE,
if one do then yes this IS medievil 2 times


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