god im sooo tired of crappy yahoo

who the hell progged their lame stupid shit????
try using the yahoomailinbox,
so badly progged, i tried sending out a mail today
with a pic, yeah well first it took 5 mins (!!) while i sat
around and waited for the server (prob located in australia
on some 14.4 modem app) to upload it, then it stated
“oops were fucktards and we really have zero clue to what
were doing, please try again” (thats deff what it SHOULD
have said anyhow) so i retried, and after over 7 (!) mins
(i timed it) it was finally effin done, and then oooops
where did my already inserted addy go then huhhh??
And this addy i didnt know in my head,ie i had to
go back to addybook with the result that my
uploaded pic was gone ….
Nice going yahoo admins, are you chipmunks by any chance??
And WHY do you, just like micro$oft, see the need to
force  several TRACKING COOKIES on your users??
Your time is soon up, people are getting more and more
aware of this bullshit youre forcing on us, besides
some of us knows how to BLOCK your spying bs,
sure there will always be IE nubsters you can force to
whatever you want them to, but the number of people
getting fed up with yahoo and micro$oft (not to mention
google!) are growing every day


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