n00bt00b = severly illscripted site

im so tired of youtube-lagtube-noobtoob,
esp that retarded verification box that crops up
after 2-3 comments made, i can clearly SEE
that those gargled letters say like “hirrisi”
so i type “hirrisi” and then, NOPE, yet again i have
to do it, this time it says like “imafucktardddd” so itype
“imafucktardddd” and NOPE, noobtoobs own verification
tool aint workin, so i try yet AGAIN, this time it says like
“thissiteisdonebyretards” so i type “thissiteisdonebyretards”
and NOPE, still wont work properly, and by then im giving
my monitor the bird at same time im considering
HAXXING n00btoob, fuckin g0ogle, since they bought it
it truly went downhill, the first thing they did was
to lay out all their vids onto some truly dumbassed server
located godknowswhere cuss as they say, “now it works
much better”, newsflash you morons, it does NOT,
instead the lag and pauses has multiplied with a factor
of 3000, a clip thats exactly 60 seconds takes somewhere
inbetween 120 to 180 seconds to watch, with all those
pauses n hickups, and when i heard that boobtoob
is gonna launch fullfeature films in there i litery went
ROFL, WHOS gonna sit around and watch a film in there???
It will be somehting like “ok, i have about … 6-7 hours
of free time, i know, why dont i watch some film in
boobietoobie, if theres a film of about 90 minutes
its done in about 6 hours” …..


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