i forgot how telia sucks

i was gonna update my own site
a little over at my telia host,
so i installed the Firefox plugin called
FireFTP, and as i tried to connect to
the telia servers it hit me – geeez i couldnt
connect like 2-3 months ago and i cant now either,
nothing wrong with my FireFTP nor my
login info (its identical to my romper mail addy
and that one WORKS so its not any error on
MY end), thank you telia, you suck my anus.
And since i cant update my site anylonger
im deff gonna delete it soon, but no im not gonna
get some dumb myspace socalled “site”
(NO its NOT a site, its just ONE page hosted by
myspace so its NOT a site) nor am i gonna
ever get a facefuckbook channel,
whats the use in that then? “Track down your old friends”?
Which friends are those then?? People from school?
Hey i left school 24 000 years ago, if i dont have any
contact with them since then, maybe thats cuss i kinda
DONT want to be friends with them, or maybe its cuss
life goes on ie we all develop differently……
But maybe in future i might
get a new domain, well see, im not that interested
in it anymore, besides i suck at html coding as such,
one of the very few areas of computers im not
good at

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