weburyyou.com and roosterpoop

THE perfect name for any mafia familys site
would be weburyyou.com, soo obvious :p
And they could have drives, kinda like
“this week we give 20 percent off every hit
and 35 percent discount if theres more than
2 hits, and for neutralizing a whole group
we offer special discounts, the more the merrier
as we say here in NJ” and also they could
have special drives on minor things like
“1 kneecap is 10 percent off this week,
for both kneecaps we have 20 percent,
an elbow is 10 percent off and cutting off
ears comes at no extra cost if you decide
to have both kneecaps busted!”
“We also conveniently have our own disposal
place handy, this week its 25 percent off
for one body and an additional 15 percent off
for every body we dispose”
Nifty no? ^^


geez we kinda suck at hockey atm,
finished last in Channel One cup
held in Stalinland, we didnt do
too well in last game against CCCP,
and that referee is a
bonafide retard if i ever saw one,
maybe its time for Bengt’Åke to retire..?


Will be interesting to see how Sundin
will make it in Canucks, never thought hed sign
for them since he used to be a Maple Leaf hmmm
They scream “traitor” over at Toronto but wtf
theyre professional players fffs, just like mercenaries,
or a legioneer ie they play/fight/kill/sweat/bleed
for CASH , not a flag
Noone screams “traitor” (not in USA anyway)
at Bush for sacrificing a lot of american troops for
absolutely NOTHING over at Iraq, well ok i shouldnt say
NOTHING, every day USA is over there fighting
he earns a lot of cash, since hes also president for
the armament company that sells the weapon
to – USA, the country that he also is president for…
Actually Bush should be indicted for
war crimes, he would most likely be sentenced for
“crimes against humanity”, and also for
“Crimes against peace” and most def on the count
for “Conspiracy to wage aggressive war”,
as stated by the Nuremberg Trials
And NO im not saying this with a cheeky grin
a la ^^ or ;o, he most def WOULD be convicted
for at least 1 of those crimes, so hed get
somehwere about 10 to 20 years imprisonment


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