congratulations to boobtoob

in their everlasting efforts in making it
less and less usable and userfriendly,
their latest effort is astounding to say
the least, now one cant even upload any
vids, hard to imagine a better way to kill
off ones own site than that, given its a
video-sharing community, no?

Since g00gle bought it its been going
downhill, slowly but steadily, and that
confirms my total belief that as soon as any
company gets too big and too monopolistic
in their field, they began to SUCK,
the obvious nr 1 there is micro$$$oft,
but g00gle is quickly becoming so damn
crappy and worthless theyre a contender
against micro$$$oft, nowadays its hard to
say which of them are the most worthless
and useless  hmmmm

g00gles lack of privacy policies makes them also
dangerous to ones computer health,
cookies that lasts to 2028, their urchin tracking
cookies (if you havent blocked
yet its high time to do so)
and now their chrome browser,
yes maybe it IS a fast webbrowser,
but the only way it truly is fast is in its way
to track YOU and give YOUR personal info to
avoid using g00gles search engine,
sure it is the best but instead, use
scroogle, then you dont get supervised
by big brother when you search,
i have that excellent site as start page 😀
Maybe it IS time to “pull the plug” on g00gle

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