hockey and anal characters

we beat the slovaks in Junior World
champs right now :p  5-3 ffffs
Now awaits the finals and we will win
cuss were superior 🙂

The other day i was layin about on the
sofa, and i was bored so i checked the telly,
but there was jack shit on, well ok there WAS
something on obviously, but man, such crap,
first it was a kids movie, one of the Gaylords of
the rings or whatever, kidmovie that,
6.5 hours including the spam (typical gay channel 4
in other words) and then it was some crappy series
about Jane Austen, some chick of today got sent back
to that time or something, i didnt really pay attention
cuss theres nothing more uber lame than jane austen,
talk about uber ANAL, i cannot believe that hype
surrounding jane austen nowadays, i mean
noone hardly knew who she was only 15 years ago,
but today everybody likes jane austen cuss of the hype…


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