using Opera atm

which is a very nice, slick
browser, WAY better cookie control
than IE (that says jack shit tho obviously,
a dead parrot has better cookie control
than IE), it has the look of IE sorta,
but, of course, way better, i think that
people who wanna use something other than
IE (ie people who are beginning to see the light)
prob benefit from starting out with Opera,
Mozilla Firefox is the nr 1 but i guess it is slightly
more “cumbersome” to get into if your only
experience in browsing is IE, altho you WILL agree
on the fact that you havent been surfing if all you
ever tried WAS IE, NOONE i know who went from IE
to Firefox and/or Opera ever went back, and why
should they? IE sucks, its that simple, its better
not to use it.
Anyhow ive tried out Opera a lot these past weeks
and its only flaw is, that (so far) it has not any
plugins like Firefox’ Noscript, which makes me feel
slightly vulnerable when i surf, but i guess
thats the benefit of having more than just one browser,
now i can choose FREELY what to use, something
i couldnt with IE
And what about g00gles attempt in trying
to incorporate their Adsense and spam and ads
into our privacy even more ie g00gle chrome
browser? Well, i couldnt tell you simply cuss at
present, with how the core of their browser is
compiled and how it works, im not going near it.


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