x-ray engine SUX

i said it before and ill keep repeating
saying it, the X-ray engine, devised by
chipmunks from cccp, totally S U C K S.
X-ray engine is the engine that fuels
(never has that word been more misplaced)
the game Stalker – shadow of chernoobyl.
It is easily the worst engine EVER compiled,
its that simple, it even beats Epic’s Unreal engines,
you cant do jack shit with it, the slightest change
anywhere and it WILL crash, sooner or later,
its so FLAWED in its foundation,
and whenever it crashes, which is a LOT,
usually it doesnt create what a normal engine
would ie a crash log or error log,
ie one has to sit around and TRY to imagine
whatever the crash was made by…
glitchy audio (its like it has some inbuilt random
delay function when to transmit whatever it is
supposed to transmit, usually several seconds after
its supposed to have “sounded off”),
a game engine that cannot decide how much
of your page file and phys. ram it needs to
run consistently, it deff is THE most  non-optimized
game ever, and it has some really laughable
game physics, for instance if you shoot a rocket
with your RPG7 and it touches a leaf, then the rocket
will change position radically, usually over 180
degrees (!) and more often than not hit the ground,
umm how can something that weighs like 0.0001 grams
change a rocket THAT much then? Maybe on Neptune
it can, but not on planet earth.
I guess one could compare this lousy engine with
Valve’s Halflife 1 engine in its physics and general
feel, i do love the feel of Halflife 1, dont get me wrong
on that, but when one tries to throw a grenade thru
an open window or door in a game from 2007
and it is IMPOSSIBLE to do so cuss of the bounding boxes
within the game, then its only laughable,
the chipmunks that created this engine app started
on this around 1999-2000, and for all those years
working on the engine they couldnt have fixed THAT??
And its amazing how non-optimized it is despite
more than full six years of work, and that total feeling
of “rushed product” that it has, more so than any game
i ever played before, it has a feeling of something between
a “stolen alpha internet leak” and beta demo,
its THAT non-optimized and “nervous” in its
behaviour/feel, and as said it has the overall
general feel (but without the “nervousness”) of
Halflife 1, a game that came out in 1998,
and somehow the looks of s.t.a.l.k.e.r, or s.t.u.t.t.e.r
as i like to call it, reminds me a LOT of Postal 2,
esp the nature and the players hands,
its like playing Postal 2 with a Halflife 1 feel,
hehe that actually sounds pretty cool but trust me,
it isnt.
Its fate is indisputable, it will burn forever in
Silicon Hell alongside anything made by Epic.
And possible the Cry-engine.

In comparrison, the most stable and smooth
engine i ever worked with is, yup,
made by iD Software, the iDTech series,
the Quake and Doom engines, such heavenmade
engines, esp compared to the shit like Epics
nonsense crap engines and the X-ray.


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