never thougt id ever say this but

I just a film with steven segal,
top notch ubertard and uberlousy actor numero uno,
in a film i actually liked, believe it or not,
Against the dark“, a zombie-survival horror(!)
film, the atmos in it is very like the atmos in
games such as DooM3, Stalker (to some extent)
and Quake 4 (minus the futuretech),
its very very dark, Klas will deff not like it ;o
The only lights in it is very low background ambient
lighting and the flashlights used by the group of
people who tries to exit some megahuge building
of some sort, and constant hords of bloodsucking
and flesheating mutated people attacks them,
okay its not the most original (in the non-Humphrey
way) idea but i love survival horror zombie splatter
with blood spurting in all directions and bodyparts
being torn limb by limb :p
It sure is a nice fresh alternative to all of those
uber puny and uber lame socalled horrors deriving
from the east and their western counterparts,
the ring, the grudge etc etc, WHY are they even
referred to as “horror” then?  For fun i watched
The Grudge 3 the other day, WHERES the
horror parts in that one???
Litery one of the most boring films i ever saw,
merely some chick walking up and down a staircase
in some building in Chicago, hows that “horror”
unless the main actor is suffering from a broken
leg or something then?? Utter CRAP
TRUE horror is somehting like, and i quote,
“we will tear your soul apart”


im gonna haxx Tele2

one of their retarded salespersons,
in this case some arrogant chick
with a polish/slavic accent,
called tonight and started harrassing
me about changing to Tele2,
she was highly arrogant, didnt listen
at all in her attempts to making me
switch to tele2, just blabbed on about
how great tele2 is, which of course it
isnt, in fact its the most lame company
in Sweden, they used to be known as
Kabelvision in the late 80s, and anyone
whos ever heard THAT name KNOWS why they
suck ass, anyhow, i never talked to anyone
more blatantly arrogant, suffering from
the “well dude i know best and you know
nothing so listen to me”-complex,
so after 5 mins of that i just said
“well you know what, go fuck yourself bitch”
(or, in Swedish, “vet du vad, du kan
dra åt helvete horjävel”)
I always hated tele2 but now i hate them way
more, im gonna do something about them if
they dont stop harassing me


geez talk about a  M A J O R
miss of googletoob to move the
content on noobtoob to the site, ever since they did
that its imposs to watch more than
10 consecutive seconds before it FREEZES up,
and its so uberannoying since it doesnt HAVE
to be like this, it wasnt at all prior to the
move, but app the chipmunks that runs
googletoob are about as witty and smart
as any micro$$oft employee ….
Its clear that as soon as any internetbased
company becmoes too big, then they truly
start to SUCK

new Firefox update out

v 3.0.6 is just out, ie the most secure
webbrowser just got more secure  =)
Ive dabbled with Opera a lot lately too,
i like it a lot, its fast, quick, no hassles at all,
however it lacks plugins like Firefox has
ie theres no Noscript, no CustomizeGoogle-plugin
(but as long as one has at least the
“” in ones
HOSTS file ((windoze/system32/drivers/etc)
its ok, but that is the absolute minimum of
google stuff to block!),
heres a site on some useful ad and tracking stuff
one should have in the HOSTS file.
And then to make sure no malware or malicious
activeX scripts (yup thats an invention by micro$$$oft
hence why its worthless and totally crappy progged)
changes your HOSTS file, use Winpatrol to monitor
it, that program is very cpu-friendly (prob cuss its not
progged by the chipmunks over at micro$$$oft)
and one of the very first progs i install after ive done
a windoze reinstall, which coincidentally im doing real