new Firefox update out

v 3.0.6 is just out, ie the most secure
webbrowser just got more secure  =)
Ive dabbled with Opera a lot lately too,
i like it a lot, its fast, quick, no hassles at all,
however it lacks plugins like Firefox has
ie theres no Noscript, no CustomizeGoogle-plugin
(but as long as one has at least the
“” in ones
HOSTS file ((windoze/system32/drivers/etc)
its ok, but that is the absolute minimum of
google stuff to block!),
heres a site on some useful ad and tracking stuff
one should have in the HOSTS file.
And then to make sure no malware or malicious
activeX scripts (yup thats an invention by micro$$$oft
hence why its worthless and totally crappy progged)
changes your HOSTS file, use Winpatrol to monitor
it, that program is very cpu-friendly (prob cuss its not
progged by the chipmunks over at micro$$$oft)
and one of the very first progs i install after ive done
a windoze reinstall, which coincidentally im doing real


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