im gonna haxx Tele2

one of their retarded salespersons,
in this case some arrogant chick
with a polish/slavic accent,
called tonight and started harrassing
me about changing to Tele2,
she was highly arrogant, didnt listen
at all in her attempts to making me
switch to tele2, just blabbed on about
how great tele2 is, which of course it
isnt, in fact its the most lame company
in Sweden, they used to be known as
Kabelvision in the late 80s, and anyone
whos ever heard THAT name KNOWS why they
suck ass, anyhow, i never talked to anyone
more blatantly arrogant, suffering from
the “well dude i know best and you know
nothing so listen to me”-complex,
so after 5 mins of that i just said
“well you know what, go fuck yourself bitch”
(or, in Swedish, “vet du vad, du kan
dra åt helvete horjävel”)
I always hated tele2 but now i hate them way
more, im gonna do something about them if
they dont stop harassing me


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