hehe my kitchenclock is right

..since we switched to summertime last
night, its a retarded invention i know,
anyhow now my kitchenclock, that sorta hangs
in my livingroom, is once again displaying
the correct time :O WHY bother manually resetting
it twice a year, just be patient and its gonna show
the right time eventually :p

Its funny, but i actually had no clue just
how many diff computers and sites etc thats
trying to connect to me on a regular basis,
just fire up PeerGuardian [PG]  and see for yourself,
its a constant bombardment, pref by go0gle
and micro$oft, but also, and heres the cruncher
that most people are oblivious to, whenever
one surfs on “teh internets” a bit, regardless
of how much you clean your temp files and
weed out ALL the tracks, those sites/computers
STILL connects to YOUR computer,
lets see, i checked my yahoo mails just now,
and their Akamai.tec [just for phun heres
their ip –] is trying to connect
to me constantly, I checked something on
Amason and subsequently that site is trying
to connect to me also, when i started my
session it loaded my startpage Scroogle.org
and thus go0gle inc [,
its one of MANY go0gle sites] is trying to connect as
well, and all of this goes on and on until i
go offline, trust me i checked it out,
all of these sites/puters really has NO
bizz in connecting (or trying to) to YOUR
computer, talk about a major privacy
violation, who are these motherfuckers
and who gives them the right to track me??
I sure didnt, MY computer is MY computer,
it is not go0gles and it sure as phuck isnt
micro$ofts (i wish i had steve ballmers IP)
so stay the phuck away from MY computer
you bunch of inbred morons!


need new spot for my DooM3 mod

cuss Filefront is shutting down, and thats a HUGE
network of sites for games, virtually every game
there is has its own Filefront network,
so thats a huge blow 😦

I hate casio watches

heres a pic of the abomination in q —

I hate casio watches

app casio is run by retards,
i have a casio wristwatch from early 90s
but unlike ALL other analogue watches
in the history of analogue watches,
this model is IMPOSSIBLE to adjust the
time, simply cuss it lacks what ALL and
EVERY other analogue watch has,
ie a small pin, usually to right of the watch
which one pulls out a tad and then adjust
the time, app casio, retards and morons
as they are, didnt bother to include….

Man U lost again :p

and my text i actually wrote here
didnt set haha

Man U lost again :D

Its more fun to compute and ANTI Man U

It is, of course, a great song by Kraftwerk,
found on their best album “Computerwelt”,
it was so ahead of its time its not even funny,
and so was, obviously, all their previous albums
too, but after this one time and technology
caught up with them, anyhow thats not
why i put that caption there, i did it cuss
sometimes, it IS more fun to compute,
Liverpool beat the wankers of Man U recently
on Old Trafford with 4-1 yay and hooray!! :p
Not that im a Pool fan as such, im more of a
ANTI Man U fan ^^ I dont cheer for a particular
team in Premier League, so for me as a huge
ANTI Man U fan its not important who wins
as long as its not Man U