yeahyeah i know my pic is old but

atm i cannot log in to my own account around here, wordpress states that i “need to enable cookies” lol, ummm im fairly sure that i have, actually, im viewing them right now, so indeed there IS cookies stored on my puter, and getting this “enable cookies” message alongside a lil guide on HOW TO, is a slap in the face by this site,
funny tho, i wonder who scripted this site cuss when i run my Scribefire blog addon for Firefox, theres no bull about “enable cookies you noob” shite hmmmm
Im guessing go0gle admins are involved somehow, the “second worldwide domination wannabes” of teh internets…
So i guess my xmas pic will stick for a while yet, simply cuss
this site isnt too well progged, nothing i can do about that

Hmmmmmmmm i always believed that the church was
supposed to be about Faith, in God that is, but the
Vatican deff isnt about Faith, not in God anyhow,
this Brazilian case demonstrates that very well
As per usual the catholic church defends
child molesters and rapists, not the victims,
ummm im not trying to state i know what Jesus
was like, but im fairly convinced he wouldnt have
pointed his finger to this 9yearold girl who has been
raped by her stepfather since she was 6 years old
and then pregnant with twins, HOW is SHE to blame???
I always believed the catholic church lived somewhere
around medievil age, but its clear theyre older than that,
they havent progressed anything at all since it


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