yahoo = noo0bs

their mail “service” is gettin lamer and lamer
for everytime i try to use it,
if it isnt their inability in providing
the standard feature of a WORKING
“attach files to your mail” (the last like
5 attempts ended in me sitting aorund
forever waiting for their pathetic nonworking
crappy “were attaching your
files now, plz be patient” substandard
flawed crapage, and if its not that then its
their inability in providing a feature
of the “delete selected messages”,
esp if its their own sentout bs about
“yahoo briefcase is closing down,
take action now!”  Apparently those mails are
ssoooo important that one cant delete them,
well I can tho cuss i know HOW to with a lil help
of ummmm, well nm, but WHY on gods green acres
do yahoo think they can spam us with their
nonsense?? I get like 5 of those dumb superfluos
unwanted “take action now!” mails a day,
well newsflash for you yahoo –
NOONE CARES, noones been using that
“service” for many years, and their
move to flickr site with their groups and pics
is so beyond stupidity its not even funny,
WHO in yahoo management came up with THAT
braindead idea, WHOS the chipmunk
responsible for that nobrainer???
I guess yahoo dont want anyone to
use them, they truly must hate all yahoo users
So feel free to go bankrupt yahoo,
you wont be missed by many.
Good riddance. To crapage.
And severly poorly scripted “services”,
im guessing micro$oft and yahoo have
some form of “exchangement of retarded
scripters” going on, altho the nr one HUGE
regarding internet was when noobtoob moved their
active content to that (hmm sounds
vaugely familiar) and thus increased the LAG and
factor around 4000 x  ….
Can YOU spell DUMB ASS


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