hehe my kitchenclock is right

..since we switched to summertime last
night, its a retarded invention i know,
anyhow now my kitchenclock, that sorta hangs
in my livingroom, is once again displaying
the correct time :O WHY bother manually resetting
it twice a year, just be patient and its gonna show
the right time eventually :p

Its funny, but i actually had no clue just
how many diff computers and sites etc thats
trying to connect to me on a regular basis,
just fire up PeerGuardian [PG]  and see for yourself,
its a constant bombardment, pref by go0gle
and micro$oft, but also, and heres the cruncher
that most people are oblivious to, whenever
one surfs on “teh internets” a bit, regardless
of how much you clean your temp files and
weed out ALL the tracks, those sites/computers
STILL connects to YOUR computer,
lets see, i checked my yahoo mails just now,
and their Akamai.tec [just for phun heres
their ip –] is trying to connect
to me constantly, I checked something on
Amason and subsequently that site is trying
to connect to me also, when i started my
session it loaded my startpage Scroogle.org
and thus go0gle inc [,
its one of MANY go0gle sites] is trying to connect as
well, and all of this goes on and on until i
go offline, trust me i checked it out,
all of these sites/puters really has NO
bizz in connecting (or trying to) to YOUR
computer, talk about a major privacy
violation, who are these motherfuckers
and who gives them the right to track me??
I sure didnt, MY computer is MY computer,
it is not go0gles and it sure as phuck isnt
micro$ofts (i wish i had steve ballmers IP)
so stay the phuck away from MY computer
you bunch of inbred morons!


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