flood g0ogles inbox

send mails to “abuse@google.com” and complain about them trying to connect to YOUR puter,
be a bit umm vendictive as well, and sorta
threat them that “if you dont stop we will
take action, legal (and otherwise)” :p
Thats what i did today, and i got this hilarious
retarded automated response like “we at go0gle take
abuse very seriously and your complaint has the highest priority” haha, ya sure :p
Seriously, theres NO need for go0gle to connect
to YOUR personal computer, neither is there ANY
valid reason for them, a corporate multibillion dollar
private personal info-collecting company to
even be close to ANYONES computer.

boycot g0ogle

watching a film called The curse of king tuts tomb
atm, its VERY much like the Indiana Jones films,
from a cineastic point of view thats not good
but from a personal view, i like it, always liked
archaeology altho i deff have no patience
of being one ^^
And even if its similar to the Indy films
its way better than Indy 4, man that film
sucked monkey balls, and it also has something
that Indy 4 didnt have ie Malcolm McDowell :p


screw go0gle

im finished with eveyrthing go0gle,
incl gmail, its not worth it, as soon as
i go online go0gle tries to connect to my machine,
what gives them that right then?
I havent allowed nor consented go0gle
anything of the sort, i do not want their
spying and tracking and personal stuff-collecting
so and so-company around me,
isnt it bad enough with the fact that micro$$$oft
owns most things (ill never understand how
that could happen, nor that most people seem
content that they have NO choice but to
accept being controlled and using their
stuff, its a total mystery to me,
its like going to used cars shop and realising
all they have is old Ford Pintos, and nothing else,
noone would accept that, why is micro$oft??)
but now go0gle wants to run everything else
thats not run by micro$oft, this is not a good
alternative, two companies running absolutely
everything? Can YOU spell stagnation,
the micro$$ofts hinder and blockage
of the computer evolution (thats deff the case)
is bad enough, now go0gle wants to monopolize
everything else that isnt run by micro$oft,
clearly the technical evolution will be
suffering badly by this,
the only solution is Open Source,
the futile and pathetic chase of power and
acquisition of money has never been
good for evolution,
as soon as that comes into it the stagnation
and preservation of the wealth will
always hinder and stop the natural

hey lets go rape some 14yearold..

and feed her drugs as shes feeling her
weakest, lets really exploit an innocent girl
and ruin her life forever, and as it later goes
to trial, hopefully shell be that wrecked
and messedup that she commits suicide
and then i get away with it scottfree,
and hey presto, thats exactly what just
happened, some 42yearold lowlife
did all that to a 14yearold, and then just
before the trial she did commit suicide
and thus that lowlife piece of scumbag worm
is free. Good thing, for him that is,
is that i have no idea who it is
or id deff castrate him and feed him his
own small testicles just before i slit
his throat. Fucking cretin.
The only justice in this world is the one
YOU bring.


With mona sahlin as leader the socialdemocrats
has fallen into a new record low, haha HOW
unexpected, i always said shes a moron and
will ruin everything, the day they elected her
was the day they ruined the middle-left
opposition to our present semifascist regime.


I uninstalled my Opera webbrowser,
sure it was a fairly nice experience
and its superior to IE in ALL ways,
but since i have FF with all of its
superiority (plugins, security, ease of use etc)
why have anything else, esp since Opera
doesnt have any plugins as such,
one has to manually write all scripting
codes, and why sit thru all of that
booooring nuisance when theres 10000000
plugins available for FF? And even more
esp so since Opera and homemade code
(albeit 110 pcg acccurate) wont function
properly, so screw that, i stick with
the BEST browser ie Mozilla Firefox =)
Dont get me wrong tho, if one comes
from using IE (which i havent done since
around 2004) its the best choice,
Opera looks and feels sorta like IE,
only 7000 times more secure (cough activex cough)

currently playing – –

Paradise Lost –

“One Second”

m$ is hilarious

micro$$oft claims that their new IE8 browser,
which is forced on everyone despite most ppl
dont wanting it (thats called monetarism and should have been oblitterade long ago) since its embedded
into their windoze os (altho one can uninstall it
if one knows how to), is “faster than go0gle chrome
and firefox” which is, of course, utterly wrong,
which this test proved,
but even if it actually WAS the fastest
browser ever made, theres NOWAY id ever
use it, and ill never use the go0gle chrome
browser either, check that link, esp point
nr 5, it IS that vital that ill copy it here —

“5. You’re giving advertisers extra ammo
Have you seen all the hype about
Google’s privacy practices and how much
of your data it shares with advertisers?
Imagine the potential ammo you’re
giving it by using this browser.
Google will now have total control over
your experience from the time you
open Chrome to the time you shut down.
In some sense, you might just as
well invite DoubleClick to watch over
your shoulder while you surf.”

If you havent put google-syndication.com
in your HOSTS file yet, its kinda HIGH TIME
to do so, along with all the rest of
go0gles ads and spam and tracking sites

69 years ago

on this date, nazi germany invaded Norway
and unlike the pacified Danes,
the Norwegians fought back, albeit in vain

someone should haxx m$ and go0gle

geez im so tired of that retarded and lame
so and so micro$oft, WHY do they assume they can
simply connect to MY machine at their will then??
Within half a second after I logged in they try,
but in vain, to connect, from IP,
to MY machine, too bad for  miss billy i blocked
her company aint it :O And NO, im sure some of you
think “geez noob its windoze update”, it isnt,
that so and so “service” isnt running on my machine,
same with stupid go0gle, they think they rule
the world with their dumb company, i rem
when go0gle was a websearch tool, it was
the best, but then those pesky (prob smalldicked)
russian morons decided they wanted to run
the internet, well good luck, you wont get to
track and profile ME =)
One of many many go0gle IP-s
and another
and yet another
and yup you guessed it
See my lead then??

confick worms

app that worm is scaring windoze users
atm, i did read up on it and it indeed
is a nasty piece of malicious code,
afaik it was made by a german (no comment)
cuss “fick” is german for ummmm “in out acitivites”
Funny how many bad things derives from
those regions, the Blaster worm and now this,
altho i find it hard to condemn the makers
of it, if micro$oft had any GOOD scripters
these worms wouldnt exist, its that simple,
HOW many specific similar malignant
codes is there for Linux or NetBSD then?
None, and how come?
You go figure.
Quote of the day –
“Linux is a cancer” – Steve Ballmer, CEO micro$oft
Im not even sure where to begin on forming
a reply to that statement, the inherited
fucktardation level is beyond scalability