confick worms

app that worm is scaring windoze users
atm, i did read up on it and it indeed
is a nasty piece of malicious code,
afaik it was made by a german (no comment)
cuss “fick” is german for ummmm “in out acitivites”
Funny how many bad things derives from
those regions, the Blaster worm and now this,
altho i find it hard to condemn the makers
of it, if micro$oft had any GOOD scripters
these worms wouldnt exist, its that simple,
HOW many specific similar malignant
codes is there for Linux or NetBSD then?
None, and how come?
You go figure.
Quote of the day –
“Linux is a cancer” – Steve Ballmer, CEO micro$oft
Im not even sure where to begin on forming
a reply to that statement, the inherited
fucktardation level is beyond scalability


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