someone should haxx m$ and go0gle

geez im so tired of that retarded and lame
so and so micro$oft, WHY do they assume they can
simply connect to MY machine at their will then??
Within half a second after I logged in they try,
but in vain, to connect, from IP,
to MY machine, too bad for  miss billy i blocked
her company aint it :O And NO, im sure some of you
think “geez noob its windoze update”, it isnt,
that so and so “service” isnt running on my machine,
same with stupid go0gle, they think they rule
the world with their dumb company, i rem
when go0gle was a websearch tool, it was
the best, but then those pesky (prob smalldicked)
russian morons decided they wanted to run
the internet, well good luck, you wont get to
track and profile ME =)
One of many many go0gle IP-s
and another
and yet another
and yup you guessed it
See my lead then??


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