m$ is hilarious

micro$$oft claims that their new IE8 browser,
which is forced on everyone despite most ppl
dont wanting it (thats called monetarism and should have been oblitterade long ago) since its embedded
into their windoze os (altho one can uninstall it
if one knows how to), is “faster than go0gle chrome
and firefox” which is, of course, utterly wrong,
which this test proved,
but even if it actually WAS the fastest
browser ever made, theres NOWAY id ever
use it, and ill never use the go0gle chrome
browser either, check that link, esp point
nr 5, it IS that vital that ill copy it here —

“5. You’re giving advertisers extra ammo
Have you seen all the hype about
Google’s privacy practices and how much
of your data it shares with advertisers?
Imagine the potential ammo you’re
giving it by using this browser.
Google will now have total control over
your experience from the time you
open Chrome to the time you shut down.
In some sense, you might just as
well invite DoubleClick to watch over
your shoulder while you surf.”

If you havent put google-syndication.com
in your HOSTS file yet, its kinda HIGH TIME
to do so, along with all the rest of
go0gles ads and spam and tracking sites


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