hey lets go rape some 14yearold..

and feed her drugs as shes feeling her
weakest, lets really exploit an innocent girl
and ruin her life forever, and as it later goes
to trial, hopefully shell be that wrecked
and messedup that she commits suicide
and then i get away with it scottfree,
and hey presto, thats exactly what just
happened, some 42yearold lowlife
did all that to a 14yearold, and then just
before the trial she did commit suicide
and thus that lowlife piece of scumbag worm
is free. Good thing, for him that is,
is that i have no idea who it is
or id deff castrate him and feed him his
own small testicles just before i slit
his throat. Fucking cretin.
The only justice in this world is the one
YOU bring.


With mona sahlin as leader the socialdemocrats
has fallen into a new record low, haha HOW
unexpected, i always said shes a moron and
will ruin everything, the day they elected her
was the day they ruined the middle-left
opposition to our present semifascist regime.


I uninstalled my Opera webbrowser,
sure it was a fairly nice experience
and its superior to IE in ALL ways,
but since i have FF with all of its
superiority (plugins, security, ease of use etc)
why have anything else, esp since Opera
doesnt have any plugins as such,
one has to manually write all scripting
codes, and why sit thru all of that
booooring nuisance when theres 10000000
plugins available for FF? And even more
esp so since Opera and homemade code
(albeit 110 pcg acccurate) wont function
properly, so screw that, i stick with
the BEST browser ie Mozilla Firefox =)
Dont get me wrong tho, if one comes
from using IE (which i havent done since
around 2004) its the best choice,
Opera looks and feels sorta like IE,
only 7000 times more secure (cough activex cough)

currently playing – –

Paradise Lost –

“One Second”


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