screw go0gle

im finished with eveyrthing go0gle,
incl gmail, its not worth it, as soon as
i go online go0gle tries to connect to my machine,
what gives them that right then?
I havent allowed nor consented go0gle
anything of the sort, i do not want their
spying and tracking and personal stuff-collecting
so and so-company around me,
isnt it bad enough with the fact that micro$$$oft
owns most things (ill never understand how
that could happen, nor that most people seem
content that they have NO choice but to
accept being controlled and using their
stuff, its a total mystery to me,
its like going to used cars shop and realising
all they have is old Ford Pintos, and nothing else,
noone would accept that, why is micro$oft??)
but now go0gle wants to run everything else
thats not run by micro$oft, this is not a good
alternative, two companies running absolutely
everything? Can YOU spell stagnation,
the micro$$ofts hinder and blockage
of the computer evolution (thats deff the case)
is bad enough, now go0gle wants to monopolize
everything else that isnt run by micro$oft,
clearly the technical evolution will be
suffering badly by this,
the only solution is Open Source,
the futile and pathetic chase of power and
acquisition of money has never been
good for evolution,
as soon as that comes into it the stagnation
and preservation of the wealth will
always hinder and stop the natural


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