flood g0ogles inbox

send mails to “abuse@google.com” and complain about them trying to connect to YOUR puter,
be a bit umm vendictive as well, and sorta
threat them that “if you dont stop we will
take action, legal (and otherwise)” :p
Thats what i did today, and i got this hilarious
retarded automated response like “we at go0gle take
abuse very seriously and your complaint has the highest priority” haha, ya sure :p
Seriously, theres NO need for go0gle to connect
to YOUR personal computer, neither is there ANY
valid reason for them, a corporate multibillion dollar
private personal info-collecting company to
even be close to ANYONES computer.

boycot g0ogle

watching a film called The curse of king tuts tomb
atm, its VERY much like the Indiana Jones films,
from a cineastic point of view thats not good
but from a personal view, i like it, always liked
archaeology altho i deff have no patience
of being one ^^
And even if its similar to the Indy films
its way better than Indy 4, man that film
sucked monkey balls, and it also has something
that Indy 4 didnt have ie Malcolm McDowell :p


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