Barca crushed United fair n square

2 – 0



yahoo = progged by retards n chipmunks

i hate yahoo, im gonna abandon
its mail “service” cuss it is imposs to
attach a pic, and no its not something
i did nor is it anything regarding
my Firefox nor Opera,
their retarded attachment “function”
is functionless, its imposs, amazing
that such a big company sucks that bad
that they cant provide something as BASIC
as a working attachmentfunction in a
mailclient, but then again look at micro€oft…
Worlds biggest puter company (from backstabbing
and illegtimate business practises by bill and
his slightly retarded cohorts) and yet they cant
provide a SAFE OS, i mean look at XP,
came out in 2001 and they still release
patches for “fixing bugs and security threats”,
HOW crappy progged can anything get??
Lol and vista, so bloated one thinks of
one of those HUGE fat black chicks that
can only be found on ricki lake show
(NO offence meant to them as such)
that rolls in on the show, with a sparring
weight of around 900 pounds,
THAT symbolizes vista to me,
bloated unnecesarilly crappy progged and

18 5 80 r i p

29 years ago your flame
was put out, and your genious
was taken from the world,
but your music and poetry
lives on forever and ever.
29 years ago you joined the
ranks of Franz Kafka,
Oscar Wilde, Lord Byron and
William Shakespeare, some of
the greatest wordsmiths the
world has ever seen.
Godspeed Ian Curtis.

eurogayvision contest

is on tonight ie theres sodall to watch,
and the uberanal channel called TV4
is atm airing Spielbergs anti-european
film of “Saving Pvt Ryan”, so in other words
on one channel is a lot of euro style stuff
and on another its anti euro…. Interesting.

Testing out “Sandboxie” now, and if that one
works as I think it does, then one dont really
need a realtime scanning AV, for the obvious reason,
but for the oblivious it is cuss if one picks up a
virus or something nasty  as a trojan on a site
then it gets deleted automatically when the
browser closes and its imposs for that
virus to reach the Registry cuss of the nature
of Sandboxie.

smaller no0bs

saw an episode of that show about
ummmm not dwarfs, thats app condescenting, ummm midgets? Anyhow its people that arent likely
to play in NBA, how about that? Hmmm
ANyhow theyre called the Roloff
family, it struck me that they live in
uberluxury dont they? Its a fairly huge ranch
as it is, and given theyre small it means
its twice the space as I would have,
thats a plus, right? Gotta see the advantages
in everything in life 🙂
But when they went paintballing was hilarious,
one of them managed to shoot himself in the
foot, haha kinda cliche, “damnit i shot myself in
the foot!” Again with the “seeing the advantages in life”
theme, he can be glad it wasnt like
.44 Magnum Lightweight Special Load ammo  ^^ 
AND as an bonus, the very same guy managed
to shoot himself in the foot AGAIN
shortly afterwards omg,
thats like no0bism as a higher form of living ;o

“How to block go0gle”

Is what im working on, a small but fairly
comprehensive piece on how to avoid being
invaded by the most intrusive, corporate
conglomerat company in the world, ie
google, theyre even worse than micro$oft
and that says pretty much, altho one can
always rely on their CEO steve ballmer coming
up with totally wrong statements, as well
as hilarious in its idiocy, take his immensly
funny one about Linux – “Linux is a cancer”.
No “mr” balless oops ballmer, its not
Linux thats a cancer, actually its YOUR
bloated, badly progged crap thats filled
with spyware, DRM (which is easily haxxable btw),
WGA (basically a trojan if not to anything else than
the function), forced webbrowser thats best left
avoided to all costs ie the worlds worst browser
known and hated by everyone who knows a lil
about how worthless it is, the IE fiasco browser,
THAT (and everything else that comes with it)
IS the cancer here, micro$oft IS the cancer,
whereas Linux is FREEDOM, its that simple.
I rem reading that highly classified report
that the management of micro$oft
commissioned (its hard to believe but they
actually HAVE a management) that showed
that over 50 pcg of their employees
preferred “an alternate OS version
to the one of micro$oft at their homes”,
which proves that even
micro$oft staff, to 50 pcg anyhow,
HAS a brain 😉  Shame that doesnt show
in their workplace…
Anyhow in my tut ill show some basics when
it comes to blocking and avoiding go0gles
pryin and snoopin eyes, just for phun i can
mention prob the most basic “trick” —
do not use go0gle chrome. Period.



np and fasces

Elegant Machinery“Move” (track from
latest album “A Soft Exchange“)
Fairly nice album, always loved electronic
music ever since i first heard “New Life” back
in ummm geeez, dodos still was around and
im fairly sure that the huge thingie i saw
in the neighbourhood forest WAS the
last Trex that roamed this lousy
planet  hmmmmmm
Altho one of the members in that band
deserves a smack in the mouth,
how can anyone be over 13 (age and IQ wise)
and also a member of Sverigedemokraterna??
IF ones gonna be a fascist and/or a nazi,
then join something like Nordiska RiksPartiet,
Vitt Ariskt Motstånd or something similar,
be a TRUE one and dont sneak around
in semi-fascist parties, thats so uberlame!
Not that i sympatize with the aforementioned
parties or anything, i just have a huge contempt
for people who basically ARE fascists/nazis
but dont dare stand for it, just like i have
only contempt for people who believe
in other “radical” views, be it political or not.