np and fasces

Elegant Machinery“Move” (track from
latest album “A Soft Exchange“)
Fairly nice album, always loved electronic
music ever since i first heard “New Life” back
in ummm geeez, dodos still was around and
im fairly sure that the huge thingie i saw
in the neighbourhood forest WAS the
last Trex that roamed this lousy
planet  hmmmmmm
Altho one of the members in that band
deserves a smack in the mouth,
how can anyone be over 13 (age and IQ wise)
and also a member of Sverigedemokraterna??
IF ones gonna be a fascist and/or a nazi,
then join something like Nordiska RiksPartiet,
Vitt Ariskt Motstånd or something similar,
be a TRUE one and dont sneak around
in semi-fascist parties, thats so uberlame!
Not that i sympatize with the aforementioned
parties or anything, i just have a huge contempt
for people who basically ARE fascists/nazis
but dont dare stand for it, just like i have
only contempt for people who believe
in other “radical” views, be it political or not.


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