yahoo = progged by retards n chipmunks

i hate yahoo, im gonna abandon
its mail “service” cuss it is imposs to
attach a pic, and no its not something
i did nor is it anything regarding
my Firefox nor Opera,
their retarded attachment “function”
is functionless, its imposs, amazing
that such a big company sucks that bad
that they cant provide something as BASIC
as a working attachmentfunction in a
mailclient, but then again look at micro€oft…
Worlds biggest puter company (from backstabbing
and illegtimate business practises by bill and
his slightly retarded cohorts) and yet they cant
provide a SAFE OS, i mean look at XP,
came out in 2001 and they still release
patches for “fixing bugs and security threats”,
HOW crappy progged can anything get??
Lol and vista, so bloated one thinks of
one of those HUGE fat black chicks that
can only be found on ricki lake show
(NO offence meant to them as such)
that rolls in on the show, with a sparring
weight of around 900 pounds,
THAT symbolizes vista to me,
bloated unnecesarilly crappy progged and


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