the dececration of Peter Sellers, part two

I just saw the latest Pink Panther film,
we all know it (unless were under 25, IQ as well
as chronoligcal agewise) that steve martin
is not Clouseau now, in future or ever,
steve martin can be, occasionally and in the 80s,
kinda funny, but as Chief Inspector Jacques
Clouseau, he fails and he fails miserably,
hes not even close to be worthy of playing
the aforementioned “copper”,
steve martin should be laying at Peter Sellers
shoes and kiss them, if anything, but putting those
shoes on and walk in them? Nope, he should not.
And if one can forget about that and just look on
the film as a film, is it any good? Is it funny?
Answer is a big NO to both inquries,
its neither funny nor a good film, despite the fact
they managed, somehow, to include John Cleese,
Andy Garcia, Jean Reno, Alfred Molina and
Geoffrey Palmer (HOW old is he now, 120, 125?)
They are all great actors and John Cleese
is one of the funniest men alive, not that he could
replace Peter Sellers (noone can actually)
but i know that he would do a lot better than
steve martin anyhow, altho thats not saying much.

Speaking of this abomination of a film, theres
a scene when they try to “re-enact” the classic
scene when Clouseau and Cato runs around
in the flat and demolish everything while fighting,
thats just embarrassing, i could barely watch it,
such bad filmcraftsmanship is hard to take,
but it is SO bad and boring im sure it will win
an Oscar or something.
Grade:  -1 of 5


Looks like my hockey idol of all times
(Bobby Orr? Gretzky? Lemieux? Ray Borque??)
aka Ulf “Robocop” Samuelsson (Don Cherry eat your
own heart out you wanker, youre right up your own arse)
will join the Swedish Management Team in time for
Olympics 2010, maybe now we will have tough
and hardhitting defencemen again 😀
Speaking of hardhitting it was SO NICE to
see Barca degrade the united wankers
with 2-0 in CL finals  😀


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