adolf celebrated his 57th bday????

Saw some really interesting docu about
Felix Kersten, who was Himmler’s medikus
during WW2, most people app dont know this
but he saved quite a lot of people incl jews,
by “he” i referr to Felix of course,
but that program had two immense
cockups, first one was of some french
historian who calimed that “Himmler was
responsible for and creator of the nazi propaganda”
which is very wrong indeed, incredible that a
historian could say such a thing,
its obviously Joseph Goebbels that created
and was responsible for all propaganda
in the Third Reich, and secondly, its really
astonishing to hear this in a docu thats been aired
on telly, ok had it been Fox news or any program
that is run by Rupert Murdoch then i could understand it,
they claimed once that “George Bush is the greatest
statesman since emperor Augustus”, i dont even know
where to begin in commenting on such a novel,
original and quite imaginative statement,
anyhow in that aforementioned Kersten docu
they mentioned that “Hitlers last birthday,
his 57th took place on April 20 and etc”,
sure enough April 20 WAS his birthday (somewhere
around 9am if memory serves me correctly which,
coincidentally, was when i was born too)
but he was born in 1889, and if Mr Hitler celebrated
his last birthday in 1945, it sure was not his 57th…
Quite a staggering miss there, WHO was the fact-checker
on that prog? Prob some ex micro$oft employee,
they cant prog so obviously they cant do maths either.


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