downgraded my Opera

simply cuss their latest build,
the 9.64 is rather worthless,
it keeps crashing almost everytime
I use it, i scroogled (only no0bs uses it and found several
forumposts about loads of issues with the
latest “stable” (thats a laugh) version aka
the 9.64, actually theres many issues with
the whole series since 9.6x versions,
so guess which version i just dl then?
Yup the last of the 9.5x series
Im not sure why i bother with the Opera
browser tho, I mean DUH Firefox rules!
But i guess its good to know all the
non-m$ browsers cuss theres NO WAY
in hell i ever would even contemplate of
thinking about maybe think about using
IE, i do not care how flashy and shiny
their latest versions of IE may be,
ActiveX scripting is not gonna be
in or around my computer EVER
, nor is
their dangerous, very nonsafe Silverlight
ever gonna be on it either.

One (of a million) reason to use Linux

Look here before downloading Linux
(yes unlike m$ Linux is FREE, when you buy
a new computer somewhere between 40 up to
80 (!) pcg of the cost is for – a simple OS..!)


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