swedish morons and taliban cowards

Marianne Samuelsson. What else need to be said??
Such a hipocrit and dumbass, kinda typical politician in other words.
Another hipocritical and cowardly thingie is the
talibans of Afghanistan, theyre the sad sad cowards
that threatens from videos and then, at “best”, kills
civilians and other non-combatants, apparently they dont
care to standup and fight like a MAN does, no, they
shivers like bitches 400 miles from the enemy and then threatens
them, and as said, at best attacks civilians (9.11 anyone?),
that religion (if one can call it that) is the religion of cowards
and weaklings and NOT men


project IGI 1 and 2

For phun i reinstalled one of my alltime fav
games aka Project I.G.I, from late 2000,
its easily one of the hardest games i ever played,
and theres no cheat modes built into the game,
and i rem how Chucken (not real name haha)
and i sweat over it, esp that “protect Priboi” level,
so incredibly hard to finish, rem there is NO savpoints
in thatgame ie you must survive from start to finish in one attempt,
and its incredibly hard to finish some of those levels,
anyhow i guess i must have improved my skillz since then cuss
nowadays i can play and finish that level (and the others)
with much ease, its still pretty damn hard but not imposs,
as said it has no cheat codes in it but there is “Trainers”
available, custom small progs that runs when one plays the
game wich enables various cheats as Infinite health
and Infinite ammo etc by pressing keys,
usually F1 and F2 etc, but thats no fun is it? WHATS the point
in playing if one cant possibly die ie theres NO risk?
Thats lamedom and utter no0bdom, anyhow it can be useful to
enable Infinite ammo, esp for the grenades, i always loved
throwing grenades around in whatever game i play ^^
Then i rem theres a sequel to the game called,
surprise surprise, Project IGI 2, from 2003,
and i reinstalled it the other day, but thats one
unplayable, i get a lot of graphical anomalies,
no matter how i tweak the settings theyre screwedup,
i searhced around but as far as i can find its the same
engine that fueled the first game, and i have no issues
with that first game, its said they “tweaked it and enhanced the
engines qualities” but apparently not for nvidia cards cuss it looks
like shite on my puter …
I had same crap on some other games too,
some are cuss theyre based on the worlds crappiest engine ever devised
ie the Unreal engines, theyre all shite and utterly worthless (and one game developer
took the maker to court cuss of its crapness) but also on Far Cry (the Cry engine)
and, of course, S.t.a.l.k.e.r or S.t.u.t.t.e.r as i call it,
easily the worlds most non-optimized engine ever, total bollocks and a huge piece
of flawed and illconceived nonsense, its no surprise that NOONE has licensed
it for their own game, unlike for instance the Quake 3 Engine, i think theres
at least 150 games fueled by that superb engine, maybe cuss its built by
iD Software, noone makes better and more high quality engines than that
Texas based company  =)
Anyhow i guess my IGI2 playing wont be very long, but i rem i never liked
it as much as the first game, the feel of the first game was gone in the sequel

best ever Swedish noobtoob vid :p

Hitler och IPRED

This is so uberbrilliant ;o

bug in firefox 3.5

Avoid the “private browsing” feature cuss it does NOT work,
supposedly it shouldnt store any private data to
the hd or any records of anything ones surfed, nor accept any cookies,
but much to my surprise when i checked the cache it was filled with – cookies  😦
SO dont use that feature just yet, rely on the old trusted
Prefbar and Cookieculler isntead for now  =)

Tempora mutantur, nos et mutamur in illis

Currently [re]watching the great show of Rome,
such a tragedy it only became the two seasons,
would have loved to see the makers views and interpretations
on the Principat [or Principate] of Octavianus, the future Augustus,
the show ends shortly after the demise of  Marcus Antonius,
who, as we all know, committed suicide after being defeated at the seabattle
in (of??)  Actium on 31 bc, thus leaving Octavianus alone to govern
the empire, and in 27bc (if memory serves me correctly) the Senate
awarded him the name of Augustus, which means something like “Majestic”,
“The Illustrious One”, “Magnificent” et cetera,
one of his loyal friends was Marcus Agrippa, whos been referred to as
“the most noble Roman of them all”, and he sure did embodied all the
characteristics that Id associate with a true friend,
but Im guessing that the grandson of Agrippa is somewhat more
famous, his name was Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus,
and if that doesnt ring a bell (granted all of those guys had kinda similar names lol)
maybe the nickname is more familiar – Caligula ….
Agrippas son Germanicus has also been referred to as a great example
of a loyal and majestic Roman

DM Recording The Universe Tel Aviv 10052009

Is what im currently playing (a big extended
middledigit pointing at henrik ponten,
swedens numero uno shareholder bitchpuppet),
I had virtually zero expectations on it when
i found it at Mininova but much to my surprise
its rather good, maybe cuss they dint play too many of
the new songs, setlist is as follows  —
*In chains * Wrong * Hole to feed * Walking in my shoes
*Its no good * A question of time * Precious * Fly on the windscreen
*Jezebel * A question of lust * Come back * Peace
*In your room * I feel you * In sympathy * Enjoy the silence
*Never let me down * Stripped * Master and servant * Strangelove
*Personal jesus * Waiting for the night (bare version)
Thats quite a collection of uberclassics :p
“Fly on the windscreen” hasnt sounded this good since ummm
ever, except original of course, total kickass version,
“Master and servant” i havent heard in a live situation for ages,
didnt think they even played such oldies, “Never let me down”;
their best tune ever sounds as refreshing as it did
way back in 1987 when i played the Splitmix for the very
first time, such uberclassic song fffs =D  And in this live version
Martin tells the audience that “last night was Daves
birthday, so please sing Happy birthday for him!” haha ^^

Very haxxable retard

tour de pedomike

theyre buryin pedomike atm,
cant say i care, actually i dont think
i could care any less than i do,
his music means nada to me,
im not doubting his musicality nor saying
he couldnt sing or whatever,
just that his music dont talk to me ie it
means nothing to me, kinda same with these
american whores ooOps i mean american idols,
some of them sure can sing but its nothing
underneath the singing, all exterior and nothing
on the inside

Tour de France started recently and as usual
i cant see it, they havent broken that digital code to
the digiboxes yet, but as we all know,
theres isnt such a thing as “totally unhaxxable”,
ANYTHING thats “man made” can also be
“man haxxed”, esp if its made by employees of
micro$oft ^^  I shouldnt laugh tho cuss deep down
its quite a sad tragic tale, imagine if m$ had a REAL
competitor, m$ wouldnt stand a chance, no wonder
theyre so uberanal about “we want patent on
everything!!” haha  ;o  Which is funny cuss m$ and
billy “thief” gates didnt invent squat, EVERYTHING is
stolen and “borrowed” from others, all they did was to
change the prog in q just a weeny bit and then claim
“@ micro$ft” and i suspect the crappiness and
crashfriendly-ness  that comes with everything marked
“@ micro$oft” is down to the chipmunks at m$
messing around with stuff theyre clearly have no
clue about…
To quote MLK – “I have a dream”, and that dream
is simple, take some people who actually
KNOWS computers (byebye m$ and go0gle then haha)
and let them make an OS, for instance
iD Software, the pioneers and visionaries over at
Texas who made the games Doom, Wolfenstein
(worlds first shooter), Quake et cetera,
run by John Carmack (and if you say he dont know
computers then youre obviously in the 2digit or less
IQ category), imagine if they came out with
an OS, I would deff get it pronto 😀