tour de pedomike

theyre buryin pedomike atm,
cant say i care, actually i dont think
i could care any less than i do,
his music means nada to me,
im not doubting his musicality nor saying
he couldnt sing or whatever,
just that his music dont talk to me ie it
means nothing to me, kinda same with these
american whores ooOps i mean american idols,
some of them sure can sing but its nothing
underneath the singing, all exterior and nothing
on the inside

Tour de France started recently and as usual
i cant see it, they havent broken that digital code to
the digiboxes yet, but as we all know,
theres isnt such a thing as “totally unhaxxable”,
ANYTHING thats “man made” can also be
“man haxxed”, esp if its made by employees of
micro$oft ^^  I shouldnt laugh tho cuss deep down
its quite a sad tragic tale, imagine if m$ had a REAL
competitor, m$ wouldnt stand a chance, no wonder
theyre so uberanal about “we want patent on
everything!!” haha  ;o  Which is funny cuss m$ and
billy “thief” gates didnt invent squat, EVERYTHING is
stolen and “borrowed” from others, all they did was to
change the prog in q just a weeny bit and then claim
“@ micro$ft” and i suspect the crappiness and
crashfriendly-ness  that comes with everything marked
“@ micro$oft” is down to the chipmunks at m$
messing around with stuff theyre clearly have no
clue about…
To quote MLK – “I have a dream”, and that dream
is simple, take some people who actually
KNOWS computers (byebye m$ and go0gle then haha)
and let them make an OS, for instance
iD Software, the pioneers and visionaries over at
Texas who made the games Doom, Wolfenstein
(worlds first shooter), Quake et cetera,
run by John Carmack (and if you say he dont know
computers then youre obviously in the 2digit or less
IQ category), imagine if they came out with
an OS, I would deff get it pronto 😀


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