DM Recording The Universe Tel Aviv 10052009

Is what im currently playing (a big extended
middledigit pointing at henrik ponten,
swedens numero uno shareholder bitchpuppet),
I had virtually zero expectations on it when
i found it at Mininova but much to my surprise
its rather good, maybe cuss they dint play too many of
the new songs, setlist is as follows  —
*In chains * Wrong * Hole to feed * Walking in my shoes
*Its no good * A question of time * Precious * Fly on the windscreen
*Jezebel * A question of lust * Come back * Peace
*In your room * I feel you * In sympathy * Enjoy the silence
*Never let me down * Stripped * Master and servant * Strangelove
*Personal jesus * Waiting for the night (bare version)
Thats quite a collection of uberclassics :p
“Fly on the windscreen” hasnt sounded this good since ummm
ever, except original of course, total kickass version,
“Master and servant” i havent heard in a live situation for ages,
didnt think they even played such oldies, “Never let me down”;
their best tune ever sounds as refreshing as it did
way back in 1987 when i played the Splitmix for the very
first time, such uberclassic song fffs =D  And in this live version
Martin tells the audience that “last night was Daves
birthday, so please sing Happy birthday for him!” haha ^^

Very haxxable retard


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