Tempora mutantur, nos et mutamur in illis

Currently [re]watching the great show of Rome,
such a tragedy it only became the two seasons,
would have loved to see the makers views and interpretations
on the Principat [or Principate] of Octavianus, the future Augustus,
the show ends shortly after the demise of  Marcus Antonius,
who, as we all know, committed suicide after being defeated at the seabattle
in (of??)  Actium on 31 bc, thus leaving Octavianus alone to govern
the empire, and in 27bc (if memory serves me correctly) the Senate
awarded him the name of Augustus, which means something like “Majestic”,
“The Illustrious One”, “Magnificent” et cetera,
one of his loyal friends was Marcus Agrippa, whos been referred to as
“the most noble Roman of them all”, and he sure did embodied all the
characteristics that Id associate with a true friend,
but Im guessing that the grandson of Agrippa is somewhat more
famous, his name was Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus,
and if that doesnt ring a bell (granted all of those guys had kinda similar names lol)
maybe the nickname is more familiar – Caligula ….
Agrippas son Germanicus has also been referred to as a great example
of a loyal and majestic Roman


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