project IGI 1 and 2

For phun i reinstalled one of my alltime fav
games aka Project I.G.I, from late 2000,
its easily one of the hardest games i ever played,
and theres no cheat modes built into the game,
and i rem how Chucken (not real name haha)
and i sweat over it, esp that “protect Priboi” level,
so incredibly hard to finish, rem there is NO savpoints
in thatgame ie you must survive from start to finish in one attempt,
and its incredibly hard to finish some of those levels,
anyhow i guess i must have improved my skillz since then cuss
nowadays i can play and finish that level (and the others)
with much ease, its still pretty damn hard but not imposs,
as said it has no cheat codes in it but there is “Trainers”
available, custom small progs that runs when one plays the
game wich enables various cheats as Infinite health
and Infinite ammo etc by pressing keys,
usually F1 and F2 etc, but thats no fun is it? WHATS the point
in playing if one cant possibly die ie theres NO risk?
Thats lamedom and utter no0bdom, anyhow it can be useful to
enable Infinite ammo, esp for the grenades, i always loved
throwing grenades around in whatever game i play ^^
Then i rem theres a sequel to the game called,
surprise surprise, Project IGI 2, from 2003,
and i reinstalled it the other day, but thats one
unplayable, i get a lot of graphical anomalies,
no matter how i tweak the settings theyre screwedup,
i searhced around but as far as i can find its the same
engine that fueled the first game, and i have no issues
with that first game, its said they “tweaked it and enhanced the
engines qualities” but apparently not for nvidia cards cuss it looks
like shite on my puter …
I had same crap on some other games too,
some are cuss theyre based on the worlds crappiest engine ever devised
ie the Unreal engines, theyre all shite and utterly worthless (and one game developer
took the maker to court cuss of its crapness) but also on Far Cry (the Cry engine)
and, of course, S.t.a.l.k.e.r or S.t.u.t.t.e.r as i call it,
easily the worlds most non-optimized engine ever, total bollocks and a huge piece
of flawed and illconceived nonsense, its no surprise that NOONE has licensed
it for their own game, unlike for instance the Quake 3 Engine, i think theres
at least 150 games fueled by that superb engine, maybe cuss its built by
iD Software, noone makes better and more high quality engines than that
Texas based company  =)
Anyhow i guess my IGI2 playing wont be very long, but i rem i never liked
it as much as the first game, the feel of the first game was gone in the sequel


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