im so effin tired of go0gle

talk about a MAJOR BiG BROTHER,
ive blocked them all over so they cant reach my computer,
but my PeerGuardian, which ive filled with ALL go0gle sites,
reports constant connection attempts by go0gle,
in essence they ARE supervising me, or rather, they TRY
cuss as said, they cant connect to me,
but if the general puteruser had any idea of the magnitude
of go0gles connections, theyd be surprised
SO, a few tricks to avoid go0gles privacyintrusing attempts include  –

1)  Using the HOSTS file to block go0gles banners and IP-collecting
bs to get a hold on YOU,
include these into your HOSTS file –  #THE go0gle site to BLOCK  #THE urchin.js to BLOCK   #[Google AdWords]   #[Google AdWords] #[urchinTracker]       #[Ewido.TrackingCookie.Googleadservices]       #[Ewido.TrackingCookie.Googleadservices]

theres loads n loads of go0gles lame sites around, but these are some of the major ones,
if you dont know where the HOSTS is and how it works –

2) Use Firefox (lmao WHO doesnt haha) with the Noscript, Adblock Plus and Customizegoogle
extensions, great ways of not only fighting go0gles lame crap but also every other
spammer, bannersites and various crap that “teh internets” is so filled with


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