uncle x3 + bayonets

hehe well, im an uncle for the THiRD time now !  😀 Earlier today my
sis gave birth to a healthy boy, which means she now has 1 girl + 2 lads  🙂
Wish i could drink a glass of whisky (NOT whiskey, all true whisky comes from
Scotland and nowhere else) but since im on antibioticum atm, i cant
Hmm my kitchen knife vanished earlier this week,
i have NO idea where it is, cant understand it,
it hasnt left my kitchen for over 2 months, but the other day, it was
gone, hmmmmmmmm  so now im using my old trusted bayonet as a
kitchen appliance, works well, no issues except its not a very ummm
finetuned precision instrument, cutting veggies into very thin slices isnt
an option ^^  I do wonder what Nigella Lawson would think haha ^^
As long as she wanna be nude in my bed tho i dont care what shed think :p

united lost to a newcomer in Premier League, ahaha way to go
you overrated lousy gay team 🙂


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