old spice, hedvig lindahl, bill leeb n antim$

hmmmmm app victoria beckham, of all people,
is gonna be in the jury for american whoreidol or whatever
its called, at first i thought “WTH why her of all unmusical and talentless
bimbos??!?”, but then it made perfect sense if one thinks about it …

We bulldozed over Ivan’s sisters  the other day in the
Ladies Footie Champs with 3-0 😀
And my fav in the team ie Hedvig Lindahl (yeah i admit it,
its a lot to do with the looks as opposed to her skills
as a goalie haha, altho she IS a very GOOD goalie :D)
made an immaculate performance hehe 🙂
An interview about her vitiligo is here


Currently playing  —

"A quantum leap forward"
"Full OCP binary cyborg technology"
"State of the art destructive capabilities"
"Commanded by a unique combination of software and organic systems"
"Jesus...had days like this"



Yet again i hear and read about some "major outbreak
of viruses if you visit popular sites about this n that
famous actor" etc etc, app this time it was Mcafee
that reported it, and it baffles me that nowhere in that
report is any mention HOW TO AVOID THAT, cuss the solution is
And why (if you really have to ask THAT q you truly are totally
unaware)? Ill try to explain in layman terms,
internet explorer (IE from now on) browser uses a technology
(a very flawed one at that) called ActiveX scritping,
basically (but somewhat inaccurately) its micro$ofts way
of implementing code within HTML, but lets not get overly technical,
the point is its very easy to haxx into the code, its the opposite
of a UNIX server in other words, anyhow all these sites that gives you
"driveby" trojans and viruses when you visit them are based upon
that ActiveX scripting, which uses many holes within the IE
browser (now theres a mystery huh, a micro$oft product thats
not flawless?? hmmm the mind boggles ^^) to infest your computer with,
for instance have you checked just how many BHO you have installed huh??
Heres a site <a href="http://osix.net/modules/article/?id=742">how to deal with that huge inbuilt flaw of micro$oft</a>
called BHO - "Browser Helper (thats a laugh) Objects"
Now, you may wonder why it will help if one switches to another
browser, for example Mozilla Firefox??
Simple - <b>that browser does not support ActiveX</b>, which means, for
one thing, that <b>youre 110pcg immune to each and every
activex driveby attempt</b> (and many many sites are infested with
those activex scripts!) and same with the Opera Browser,
another activex free browser.
That fact alone that theyre both immune against driveby trojans,
viruses, malware and adware should be reason enuff to
<u><i><b>ditch IE and use a proper browser</b></i></u> :D

More on that topic to follow shortly


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