rockstar = no0bstar

geeez one would imagine, in this day and age,
that a game developer, in this case noobstar o0oops i meant
rockstar, could make a game without too many nasty, annoying
and aggrevating bugs, right? But o no, not only did they STEAL
the entire Driver game concept and presented as their own
in their GTA games, they also had to fill them with totally
retarded and completely void-of-iq missions,
how about having to drive from a payphone to another
payphone located as far away as poss from the first and then
force the player to drive to it under 10 secs??  That IS
not doable, not even with cheats, so how the #”¤!#”#! did noobstar
chipmunks programmers think here, then? Huhhh??  fucktards
I assure you that ANYONE who says “I played thru GTA3
and didnt cheat at all!” is a big fat dumb liar,
so screw it, seeing as how it isnt possible to complete the game
without having to hax  the sourcecode i simply
resigned, scroogled (only totally UNAWARE sad morons
actually uses go0gle homesite) “gta3 cheats” and dl
a “savegame” ie someone who managed to hax the game
and put “missions completed=100 pcg” and then
put it on teh internets, sure its lame but given how lame
the makers of GTA3 is, who gives a shite


Playing the new Rammstein single “Pussy”, cant say i like it
much, i do like the extratrack way better, “Rammlied”, nice reminder
how good they used to be once  =)
And then im gonna play the brand new leaked Lady Gaga
new recordings which are uberrare… haha got ya, like id play such nonsense ^_^
I did play the new Madonna which i did pay exactly zero cents for (tough luck
mrs ex-snatch director, guess your 4000 billion wallet wont be burdened by me ^^)
and it baffles me how someone who can barely hold a single tone
can be  that big, talk about major hype



I decided to play some old (2002) GTA3,
which is nice, its like playing the old psx (boycott sony btw)
Driver game, but with one huge distinctive difference –
GTA3 aint even close to Driver,
the missions in Driver was tough to complete
but doable, the missions, at least some of them,
in GTA3 is retardly impossible to complete,
if theres ONE thing ill know when i die it is that
ANYONE who claims he or she played thru GTA3 and
made it to end without ANY form of cheat is a big, fat liar,
cuss it ISNT possible, spent days trying to complete some
missions for that lezzbo oriental dragonlady which ARE
imposs to complete, its that simple, its not like im a noob when
it comes to playing games (like others i know that shall remain anon)
but GTA3, that one cant be done without cheating, and thats always
a lame factor when it comes to games,  no wonder when one
searches on teh internets for cheats to the GTA games theres tons and
tons of them around, the most common ones are “savegames”,
i can fully see why, app some guys haxxed the game and put the
“missions completed” to 100 percent and then released it as a
savegame, theres also a lot of various Trainers around, but as usual when
it comes to those, many are filled with trojans and gaywarez etc

Thats why GTA3, no matter how fun it is to just drive around freely,
will never be as good as the Driver games.