Nr 13 has signed off permanently

Mats Sundin, one of the best Swedish hockey players ever,
announced the other day hes retiring from hockey 😦
Couldnt he have waited until next Olympics fffs  hmmmmmm


Since im so eaislyamused ive started making skins for the Protagonist
in GTA3, and since im dirty, nasty and a bit “out there” ive chosen a
girls skin haha ^^  Someone, i dont know who, made a player skin
based on the “prostitute” skin (a character in GTA3)
so i refined it further, adding various stuff such as thighhigh boots (always a winner),
kneehigh boots (also a winner), black leather jackets, leather belts etc etc,
nothing wrong with gettin in touch with ones female side is there ;o
Esp if that side is a wild, psychopathic bitch haha :p
I might post some screeners soon hehe


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