unexpected splits and crappy films + boycott go0gle analytics

A-ha has split up. Ummm wait a minute, A-ha? The 80s band?
Theyve split? And NOW?? Umm i thought they split up around 1989
or something, but app theyve released records until 2009,
heh who knew? And who was even slightly interested?


I just saw one of the worst films ever,
“Wrong turn 3 – left for dead”, it was so hilariously crappy
i dint know if i was gonna laugh or be mad about its crapness,
i totally regret seeding it to over 1-1 ratio and thus spreading
this piece of ubergarbage to others,  im thiniking of haxxing the
distributors site as an UBERJUST act of revenge and retribution

Speaking of crap films, theres also films that doesnt suck THAT much per se
but are immensly overrated, take Spielbergs anti-euro Saving prvt ryan
for instance, the most anal film in history, app ALL american gi joe-s
were ubergood soldiers and all euro soldiers were nancy boys
and all and every German was an uberwicked diehard nazi,
could it possibly BE any more anally retentive than that then?
“Most realistic war film ever” my buttt, Rambo 3 was more realstic ffs

And whats this nonsense hype of Tarantino?
Hes made ONE truly great film, Reservoir Dogs
thats it, the followup Pulp Fiction was an OK film,
deff not a masterpiece, and then every film he made after that one
sucked, with the highpoint of sucking being Kill Bill 1 and 2,
some of the worst crap films ever made

Now playing – Rammstein – Liebe ist fur alle da,
its surprisingly good i must say, but why did they release
Pussy as a single?? Its easily the worst ever Rammstei song in history,
what where they thinking there then??? Hmmm

And as usual, and this is my goal in here now,
I must warn about Go0gle and their immense tracking of you,
ive been monitoring them a tad in return, and its amazing to see
how often and how ardently they try to spy on everybody,
would be interesting to haxx one of their masterservers and dig up
info on certain IP:s, cuss go0gle logs EVERYTHING  http://www.google-analytics.com  http://www.googlesyndication.com  pagead2.googlesyndication.com

“Theres no place like”
How true ^_^



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