awempire popups defeated, part zwei

Another way to (easily) defeat the awempire
popups/popunders is to install a Plugin called
Popup Blocker Settings“, its prob the
easiest way for ppl not savvy with scrpting,
anyhow it works like a dream! 😀


haha the awempire fags aint lazy

cuss they circumvented my last post,
but theres another way of ensuring one dont
get the annoying popunder by them,
go to “about:config”, find the “dom.popup_maximum”
integer, set it to “0”, restart Firefox,
and make sure you have TWO separate (ie NOT tabs) windows opened,
then go to imagefap and look at all that juicy homemade amateur
pron without any retarded popups/popunders  =)
It worked for me anyhow, and for a lil phun  —”
in your refcontrol  ^^  Childish yes, but then again im dealing with childish xmas kiddie dumbasses

how to BL0CK awempire on ImageFap

As you prob know theres an evil popup (actually its
a PopUnder, or PopUndr in this case) that
atm no plugin can block, at least not yet,
but theres a simple solution,
you must accept the Imagefap cookie (yes i know,
obviously one never accepts cookie from such sites)
or it wont work, then make sure javascript is ON,
then copy and paste this code in Location bar –

“javascript:setCookie(“popundr”, 100*365*24*60*60000);void(0)” 
(minus the ” of course) and then you can, in theory, not see
the ghy annoying awempire popunder for a full year  🙂

For those interested, this is the IP to
“”  —

and this  — is the IP
to “”

Needless to say this is lines from my HOSTS

truly cretinous pimps

two chicks and some bloke has pimped

out a 14yearold handicapped (downs syndrome

i believe) girl to hundreds of men (i use the term

“men”  in its widest possible term as to include

even sad sad tossers who visits whores),

im not pro death penalty, but i wonder what sorta of

punishment would be fitting for such lowlives?

Their defence strategy included the ubercliche

statement of “she wanted to do it, we are innocent”

The world is full, to the rim apparently,

of faxtards

Some chick was killed the other day,

she was an avid World of warcraft (yawn)

player, so obviously the semifascist christian

rightwing has gotten water on their mills

by the fact she was a puter gamer,

its very convenient (as well as uber anal)

to have something to blame everything on,

the nazis had the jews, the 50s had Elvis,

the 60s had Beatles, the 80s had mullet hairdos

(altho they ARE guilty of everything there is cuss

that hairdo, also known as “hockey hairdo”

totally suxxxx) et cetera

Now playing  —

Depeche Mode – Black Celebration (remastered)

I rediscovered their 1986 album, except for the

track “Sometimes” its a great album

its sunday and its pizzatime but….

since i app live in DDR, the best pizzajoint (Panorama, ex-Costas)
is CLOSED.. wth? hmmm sod it, lets go for a burger then :p
and NOT mcdonalds, never mcdonalds
For the record im NOT a racist, some seem to think that
cuss of my latest posts, then you truly dont know me at all.
Peter Foppa Forsberg is back. That means we will win the
Olympics in feb 2010  😀

overrated turks and (other) lamers

hmmmmmmmmmm, ive been thinking,
who really IS the biggest nobody in
showbiz?  After much soulseaching I narrowed it
down to a cpl of contenders –
1-Chuck Norris, 2-Dave Hasselhof,
3-Charles Bronson, 4-Pauly Shore
They are without any doubts 4 of the biggest
zeros on the telly-movies ever, so choosing
just one of the above IS imposs,
so i decided to let them share the
“biggest noobody award in the media”,
next is The most unneeded bandmember in a band award,
1-Andrew Ridgeley of Wham, 2-Lol Tolhurst of The Cure,
3-Andy fletcher of Depeche Mode, and the “winner” is
Andy “fletch” fletcher, a more superfluos and unneeded
character in a band has never been beheld before,
he hasnt written and contributed even one  song,
doesnt play anything live, hasnt played anything on an
album since 1981 (!), and reading Steve Malins
biography over Depeche Mode is the most hilarious
book ever, it def was commissioned by Fletch as a defense speech
(hmmm “En dåres försvarstal” anyone haha) cuss pageup and
pagedown its about “oooo indeed, Mr Fletcher is a very needed
band member of Depeche Mode and ” blahblah, such bullshit and
roosterpoop, as an (ex) musician in electronic music and production
i know what im talking about, and hearing feltch yappin that
“we never been this good” after Alans departure is hilarious,
when they did “Ultra” (first album without Alan) they hired in
THREE musicians (yup, THREE, ie THREE musicians to fillup
for ONE aka Alan…), that pretty much sums it up.


Been playing a lil Far Cry lately, and i rem why i
quit doing a mod for it in 2006 – that cry engine is kinda
worthless, only the Xray engine (ie the Stalker game) is
more roosterpoopish, the latter was progged by a cpl of
semiretarded russkis and the former by a cpl of
greekish or turkish brothers, Yardie something,
obviously inbred, and very overrated,
“no theyre great they did crysis!”, haha no, actually
their involvement in the followup to Far cry is very minimal,
they were prob on some beach somewhere sippin wine spritzers
and living it up on royalty payments, no doubt catching up on the
lack of teenlife they never had, being nerds and xmas kiddies

i wanna be an evil nazzi war criminal

I think id make a great nazi with a fairly
menacing look, at least i think so, and i know id love
to try to play one on a film :p Would be quite cool =)
Speaking of nazi war criminals, ive just seen Tarantinos
*Inglorious basterds*  (guess they dint know its spelled “bastards”)
and my verdict on tarantino still stick – hes finito.
His only truly great fivestar film is Reservoir Dogs,
thats a 5-5 rating no questions asked, a true cineastic
masterpiece, then he made Pulp fiction, fairly good 4 of 5 film,
but then for every subsequent release it became more and more
worthless, with the most crappy film of his being the Kill bill series,
overrated hyped junk, this new Basterds isnt that bad tho,
id give it a strong 2 of 5 or maybe a weak 3 of 5,
but theres 3 major flaws in it,
1-its WAY too long 2.5 hours, i nearly fell asleep
a cpl of times,
2-Anyone who ever used a submachinegun (SMG forthwirth)
knows that one doesnt hold the clip like they do in this film,
the accuracy becomes VERY poor when held that way,
granted ive seen that behaviour in many ww2 films,
but its no excuse, dont these filmmakers hire in people
who KNOWS these stuff as to make it a more realistic film?
3-“SS Colonel Landa”. Umm wtf is a SS colonel, then?
No such thing, the SS didnt use the
military command name structure
at all, the equivalent of a
Colonel in the SS was called Standartenfuhrer,
the grade of major was
Sturmbannfuhrer, a private was called Schutze and so forth,
quite lame of tarantino to miss that imho