Opera 10 out

Ive been testing the latest Opera 10 Browser (review)
and well, as you know i always had sorta mixed opinions
on it, and you prob also know WHAT i think of
micro$ofts Internet Crasher oops i mean Explorer browser,
THE worst choice for a browser ever, i myself havent used
it since 2005, and then it was ONLY for updates,
which, coincidentally, i dont do nowadays (dont ask,
then ill have to plead the fifth ^^) but nm, i digress 🙂
Opera 10 is said to be much faster than the previous version,
and well, i cant say if it is or not,
it keeps crashing and reverting back to desktop
after a short time, so now im really annoyed that i
chose to upgrade, i knew that Opera v9 sucked
(for various reasons) so i used an older version,
it used to work flawlessly, but its not any competition to my
Firefox, not even close, Firefox has everything i need and want,
who cares if Opera or go0gle chrome loads 0.2 secs faster then?
Its AFTER its loaded when the really important stuff matters,
and Firefox has PLUGINS, which no other browser have got,
its very customizable (hope i spelled that right or mr Patrik
will have my neck haha, teacher as he is ^^)
and plugins such as Noscript, Adblock Plus w. EH,
BetterPrivacy, CookieCuller and my fav ie the
Prefbar, making it slick and a smooth ride to surf
“teh internets”. 😀
The absolutely only snag of Firefox is their integration
with go0gle, but thats easily fixed in a couple of
steps 🙂

And go0gle chrome then, the most
hyped browser lately?
 Nope, go0gle’s chrome isnt getting close to MY computer
(that site compares go0gles ultrasnooping and intrusive browser
to their own, which is based upon the chromium engine,
i didnt like that one much either, again it doesnt really matters
how fast it is, its the flexibility, durability, smoothness and most
important, how much one can tweak it oneself thats important)


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